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Activities of the Legal center

Activities of Legal center
Current projects…
Project “My lawyer – free and professional legal aid for an effective access to rights for migrants”
The project is funded by the European Union.
Within the project, together with partners from NGO Caritas Montenegro, we have been providing free legal aid to foreigners seeking or granted international protection in Montenegro and returnees under the readmission agreements.
The project is focused on providing an effective access to rights for foreigners seeking or granted international protection in Montenegro.
Project ,,Integrated support to displaced persons and refugees in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia”. The project is a continuation of a long-term cooperation with Catholic Relief Services (CRS).
The project is supported and funded by the US Government.
The main objective of the project is to provide free legal aid for social housing programme beneficiaries, their economic empowerment, as well as the assistance to local communities in establishing a sustainable social housing system. The project covers the municipalities of Niksić, Herceg Novi, Podgorica, Berane and other municipalities in the north of Montenegro.

Within the regional program “CARE – Contribution to access to the rights of refugees and internally displaced persons and employment opportunities”, Legal centre implements the project Support to socio-economic empowerment of beneficiaries of the Regional Housing Program (RHP) in Montenegro.
The project is supported by the European Commission, through the Igman Initiative.
The aim of the project is to empower RHP beneficiaries to start small family or individual business activities with financial and mentoring support, in order to provide sustainable income for the existence of their households.

We continue to:
– support the victims of SGBV among the refugee population in Montenegro, through legal advisement and representation before the court.
– represent our clients in the non-contentious procedure for determining the time and place of birth of a child, in order to provide necessary preconditions for regularization of legal status in Montenegro by obtaining the status of a foreigner with permanent residence/temporary residence and access to rights in Montenegro.
– to ensure fair and efficient procedures when it comes to civil registration and access to rights for persons at risk of statelessness in Montenegro.