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The Legal Center is a non-governmental organization founded in 2007 in Podgorica.

The organization is focused on contribution to improvement, protection and promotion of human rights
and freedoms and fight against discrimination.

The main activities of organization are:

  • Provision of free legal aid and information on access to rights, with emphasis on foreigners seeking or granted international protection, stateless persons, returnees upon readmission, displaced persons from the ex-Yugoslavia, vulnerable and marginalized categories of the population (victims of domestic violence and trafficking in human beings and other criminal activities, LGBTIQ, Roma and Egyptians, persons with disabilities, single parents, unaccompanied and children without parental care and other
    vulnerable categories of persons);
  • Improvement of the socio-economic position and combating discrimination against vulnerable and marginalized groups in Montenegrin society;
    Research, analysis and advocacy for solutions for improvement of public policies in migration management and generally anti-discrimination and human rights protection policies;
  • Provision of support in the process of integration and humanitarian assistance in coordination with the competent state bodies and local governments;
    Education and empowerment of vulnerable and marginalized groups, as well as citizens for active engagement in democratic and human rights culture processes through the organization of seminars, workshops, round tables and conferences, forums, various cultural events, etc.;
  • Strengthening of democratic processes and rule of law by monitoring of the judiciary and other institutions, proposing and advocating for amendments of the laws and other regulations;
  • Publishing, production of campaigns and audio-visual content, etc.

The Legal Center has extensive experience in pan-European networks dealing with prevention and reduction of statelessness and migration management such are the European network against statelessness (ENS), the European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE), the Balkan Refugee and Migration Council, the OSCE network within the Development of the civil society network in the region of the Western Balkans 2010, as well as a network of organizations dealing with the provision of legal assistance to vulnerable and marginalized categories Western Balkan Legal Aid Network- WEBLAN. The
work of the Legal Center has been supported by numerous donors (European Commission, UN agencies, US Embassy funds and numerous US Government/CRS funds, etc.). The staff of the Legal Center consists of highly qualified staff, including hiring of lawyers.