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In the organization of the Legal Center and Caritas Montenegro, on February 14, 15 and 16, the training “Acquisition and development of multicultural competence in working with migrants” was held in the Čubranović House. The training was attended by 15 participants, employed in institutions and establishments that are directly involved in working with migrants – the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Police Directorate, the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, the Center for the Reception of Migrants, the Red Cross, the Employment Service of Montenegro, the Secretariat for Social care of the Capital City, JU Gymnasium “Slobodan Škerović”, Association of Psychologists of Montenegro and others.

The number of migrants and refugees seeking help from governmental and non-governmental organizations is increasing. It is essential that officials working with these populations possess a strong understanding of the cultural backgrounds and needs of the individuals coming to our country.

This training program provides participants with the necessary skills and knowledge for effective communication and work with migrants from different backgrounds. The training covers a wide range of topics, including cultural sensitivity, communication strategies, and strategies for building trust and relationships with migrant populations.

In addition, the training allowed participants to share their own experiences and learn from each other.

The training “Acquisition and development of multicultural competence in working with migrants” was created through the project “Legal support for migrants” implemented by the Legal Center in partnership with Caritas of Montenegro. The project is supported by the Center for Civic Education (CEO) within the program “CSOs in Montenegro – from basic services to policy formulation – M’BASE” financed by the European Union and co-financed by the Ministry of Public Administration.