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Visit to the national park Biogradska gora

As of September 2018, Legal Center started with the implementation of the Julia Taft Refugee Fund project ,,Support for Asylum Seekers and Foreigners with Granted Subsidiary Protection in their Access to Rights in Montenegro”, funded by the USA Government, which, inter alia, envisages classes of learning Montenegrin language, history and culture for children and adults.
Under the project and classes envisaged for learning Montenegrin language for children, on Saturday, 13th October 2018, the beneficiaries visited the national park Biogradska gora with the aim to learn Montenegrin language, culture and history, with the special accent on the terminology related to the flora and fauna and general facts about the national park.
Upon return, the students summarized their impressions from the class in nature by writing down remembered facts on a big piece of paper and by marking places on the visited trail.

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